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Photo Monday – More Details

As a poet, details carry all kinds of meanings that can be used to create a snapshot of a moment, a spark of realization, an instant when everything changes. I see details in photos as the same thing – that impression that sometimes gets recorded and then it’s gone.

Today, I’ve dug around in my photos from the 2016 visit my partner Mick and I made to the Pacific Northwest, which is a grand and beautiful place to which I would love to return. The Pacific Northwest offers such a multitude of landscapes and climates that it’s impossible to see it all in one trip. These photos are just a few details that I hope inspire you to write or travel or simply make you happy.

along the Hood Canal

On the beach along the Hood Canal – not a place to go barefoot.

gray jay along Hurricane Hill Trail

This gray jay sang to us as we hiked the Hurricane Hill Trail in Olympic National Park.

Hurricane Hill Trail

Mick broke a rule by sharing his granola with this little ground squirrel when we got to the top of the Hurricane Hill Trail. He later said, “But he was so cute!” Big softy.


This driftwood on the coast of Washington surely houses a lot of tiny critters, but I didn’t look for them.

average annual precipitation - Hoh Rainforest

In the Hoh Rainforest, it never completely dries out.

Mary Oliver poetry

A poem by Mary Oliver was one among many poems that surprised us along one of the Hoh Rainforest trails. Poetry and the forest – it’s a nice combination.

Astoria, OR, sea lions

These sea lions had quite a conversation in the harbor at Astoria, Oregon.

Astoria-Megler Bridge

This is the mouth of the Columbia River and a shot of the Astoria-Megler Bridge at sunset, with a ship heading out into the Pacific Ocean. The bridge, which we drove across, is 4.1 miles long.

green rocks

These rocks in the harbor at Astoria, Oregon, are an eerie shade of green. They are particularly striking when the sun is low in the sky.

Are you inspired to pack your bags yet to see what is beyond the edges of these photos?

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