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Over the summer, I edited a poetry book for my friend Oonah Joslin. Oonah is a poet in Morpeth, Northumberland. Her first book, Three Pounds of Cells, is due out this fall from The Linnet’s Wings Press. The 45 poems in this collection are a delightful exploration of how we perceive our world, a search for the source of the light and the music. The poems touch on Oonah’s childhood, travels, faith, love, loss, and her life-long affair with the sea. They sparkle with shifting colors, move to their own beat. The book will be available directly from The Linnet’s Wings within the next few weeks.

And, for any readers in the north of England, Oonah will have a book launch for Three Pounds of Cells in Morpeth on October 18 at the Sour Grapes Wine Bar at 7:30 p.m., and another in Newcastle on November 17 at STANZA, details TBA.  I’m really excited about the November event because I’ll be there to support Oonah’s work. I can’t wait to hear her read and to hang out with her for a few days beforehand.


In other news, I have a new poem in the fall 2016 poets’ chapbook from The Linnet’s Wings, There’s Magic in the Pictures. My work appears alongside such wonderful poets as Bill West, Pippa Little, RK Biswass, Jeff Jeppesen, AJ Huffman, and many others. There’s Magic in the Pictures is available now from The Linnet’s Wings.


Speaking of Gyroscope Review, my co-editor there, Constance Brewer, has three poems of her own that recently appeared in the Tipton Journal #31. Her thoughtful and smart poems are worth a look.


And, finally, something not poetry-related: for those of you in the Minneapolis area, the Minneapolis art gang Rogue Citizen has an opening this Thursday from 6-10 p.m. at Pop-Out Gallery, 2014 Central Avenue NE, Minneapolis. Get ready for a massive amount of new work that will made your eyes pop out in an awesome kind of way. Oh, and you’ll get to meet my son, the artist Dalsen. Yeah, I’m kind of proud.

Enjoy these busy fall days!

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