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Post-Mother’s Day, Post-Graduation, Summer Mode

It was one of those weekends in which multiple things collided: Mother’ Day. Granddaughter’s birthday. Daughter’s graduation. Family and friends coming together. The realization that time is both fierce in its forward progression and the greatest teacher of all.

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My family celebrated Abby’s graduation from the University of Minnesota with a degree in psychology on Sunday.

The thing about all these events is that the people who matter the most were here. We began the weekend on Friday night with a birthday party for the littlest family member, Camille,  who turned 6. Pizza and cake and soda, a warm night, and a tree-filled St. Paul park next to the Mississippi River set the stage. Saturday was the family party with sausages on the grill perfectly cooked by my brother-in-law. Everything was low-key and unfancy as we celebrated Abby’s graduation, hung out outside, shared ice cream floats scooped up by my friend Luann, and caught up with each other. Sunday was the big graduation ceremony at Mariucci Arena on the Minneapolis Campus of the University of Minnesota. This ceremony was only one of several that ushered in new graduates and there were still about 1100 students at this one. We ended the evening at my son Shawn’s choice of pub in Hopkins, just our immediate family around the table to share the last meal of the weekend. Camille was quiet and exhausted but still with us.

As I think about all these important things that happened and what they mean to us, I feel a little choked up. And we’re not quite done yet – we’ll celebrate my daughter-in-law Beka’s completion of her Master’s Degree next weekend at Hamline University.  I’m grateful we have a little breather between the two graduations so we can pay her the attention she deserves.

And I’m ready for summer. Ready to shift into an easier routine, stop wearing socks, work with the windows open.

But I’m still going to celebrate all these important people in my life every chance I get.

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