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Post-Thanksgiving Delights

One of the greatest things about my Thanksgiving holiday was time offline. There was so much to do with family and friends who visited, food that we cooked together, conversation, games, and walks with our dogs that I shut down my computer for a couple of days. It was glorious.

Today, of course, things are back up and running. And there’s new snow covering the Twin Cities which both challenged everyone who had to go anywhere this morning (it was very icy beneath the new snow) and made everything look festive. The snow is the kind that is wet enough to stick to every branch, every twig, every fencepost.


Path at Como Park, St. Paul, Minnesota

In spite of the overcast sky and slippery roads, I met my son for breakfast in Minneapolis. Later, I took my camera outside to take a few photos. Nevermind that I take photos of nearly every snowfall that outlines everything in white; it’s always beautiful and it always gets my attention. And I am reminded that my practice of looking for beauty keeps me from griping about the slick roads and the need to shovel. It keeps me looking at everything around me with wonder as winter drops its cloth over us.


Coneflowers in my garden

As we finish up the Thanksgiving leftovers and think about the next holidays that are looming, a little wonder and a little awe can work magic.

I’m going to work hard at that magic by making a December practice of shutting off my computer before dinner each day. I’m bringing out more of my offline life, running away from evenings spent on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or email.

Anyone care to join me? It’s going to be awesome.


Goatsbeard in my garden

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