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One of the places where I’ve been fortunate enough to have several of my poems published has just released their summer issue and their summer poets-only anthology. I’m included in both, along with many other poets with whom I’m proud to appear. That publication is The Linnet’s Wings (http://www.thelinnetswings.org) and you can purchase both publications in hard copy through the links on the site. Marie Fitzpatrick, managing editor, and her staff do an amazing job creating visually stunning issues and anthologies, so if you haven’t had the pleasure of holding a copy of The Linnet’s Wings in your hands, now is the time. And thank you to their poetry editor, Oonah V Joslin, who chose my piece, How Winter Reduces Me, for these summer publications.

As a writer, it feels very different having work appear in a print publication. The Linnet’s Wings is also available online, but turning pages made of real paper never loses its magic. Indulge yourself.

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