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June is a busy month for so many people with graduations, weddings, Father’s Day, the start of summer vacations. Around here, it gets busy with two different literary journals for which I am an editor.

One journal is Fine Linen Literary Journal, which is a flash fiction print quarterly. We are now getting our July issue ready with new stories and photography. My co-editor Dave Morehouse values offering a different approach to layout that is designed to intrigue readers. Fine Linen is his baby, his brainstorm, and his gift to the world. I’m along for my experience and expertise in recognizing which stories work, how they might fit together, and what themes emerge from the group. This will be our third issue together. Look for news of its completion on the Fine Linen website at fl-mag.com. And, once that issue is out, our attention will turn to fall submissions. Our submissions link and guidelines are available at http://fl-mag.com/guidelines/.

The other journal is Gyroscope Review, which is a quarterly digital poetry journal. My co-editor there is Constance Brewer, a colleague from my days on the staff at the online daily poetry journal Every Day Poets. We knew we would do something together when Every Day Poets ceased publication last year and took our time figuring out the logistics, which resulted in a contemporary poetry publication we are really proud of. Our first issue went live in April and now we are getting ready for our second issue. We met via Skype over the weekend and made our final selections for our July issue, which will be available via Joomag after July first. We’ll post links on our website at gyroscopereview.com. Our submissions are closed right now and will re-open on July 1 at http://www.gyroscopereview.com/home/guidelines/.

Please read the guidelines for both publications carefully if you plan to submit. One of any editor’s pet peeves is seeing a submission that does not fit with the publication guidelines. That wastes everyone’s time, including the author’s. If your work does fit the guidelines, give either one a try. Good luck!

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