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Saturday special: A Flash Novella…for Your Summer Reading Pleasure

Writer Oonah V. Joslin has an interesting work coming up at the speculative online journal, Bewildering Stories, beginning on June 28.

A Genie in a Jam is Oonah’s series of 17 flash-length stories that, together, make a “flash novella”. Here is Oonah’s own description of the work:

“DJ, a Djinn (whose real name is revealed in due course). He has always wanted to be a Genie, live amongst humans and grant wishes. His naivety and adventurous nature though, ensure that things don’t run altogether smoothly and as Genie of the Jam, he gets into some sticky situations.

This is a gentle humorous tale, and each story has a flavour all its own. I hope you will enjoy DJ and his antics.”

Check it out over at Bewildering Stories on June 28. Here’s the link: Bewildering Stories

Enjoy a little fun summer reading!

The First Bewildering Stories Anthology

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