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Spring Finally

Yesterday, when I stepped outside to get the mail, there was an unmistakeable “not winter anymore” scent in the air: wet earth, a hint of rain, mustiness. I immediately felt happy, even as I saw clouds coming in. They would only bring spring rain, not snow. Winter had finally passed.

Only a week ago, we were recovering from getting more than a foot of snow. Life in Minnesota forces us to be prepared for anything. Our weather is the poster child for mood swings, chills and hot flashes. In spite of this year’s winter fatigue, I can’t imagine living in a place where the weather is temperate all year round. This moody, never-boring climate suits me.

Things are changing out there.

Even with snow cover still not melted away, green is gathering strength.

Tulips, columbine, and moss have announced themselves.

Birch trees may be standing in ice water, but their buds are forming.

The chairs are snow-free and the dog has reclaimed her spot on the deck.

So long, winter! The southern hemisphere can have you for now.

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