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Spring? Yes, Please.

Spring is unfolding and I’m feeling better than I’ve felt in weeks. Turns out I had a sinus infection and didn’t realize it until last week when I had such bad vertigo I couldn’t move. Plugged ears, full sinuses, ensuing dizziness – not the stuff that encourages creativity. In fact, all I could do was rest and wait for it all to resolve itself with the help of some antibiotics. No screen time for me; looking at a computer made everything worse.

I’m often looking for reasons to decrease my screen time anyway, because every minute I’m in front of my computer is a minute that I’m not engaged in whatever is unfolding around me: the snow melting, the light changing, the trees waking up, a new piece of music to learn on my guitar, a meal to share with Mick. As soon as I started feeling better, I headed outside to walk with the dog. Not everyone’s choice of what to do when getting over something, but it works for me.

The vertigo that came with the plugged ears was something I hadn’t experienced before and I was surprised at just how nasty it was. I couldn’t do my daily yoga because the room kept spinning and it felt worse than a terrible hangover. I couldn’t bend over to put on my shoes, sleep on my right side, or get up quickly. I didn’t even try to drive. The couch was my best friend.

How do little kids find getting dizzy fun?

Lesson learned, though: pay attention to symptoms that hang around instead of figuring it’ll all go away when winter is over.

I can think of no better way to celebrate spring than with a cleared-up head, my balance intact, and snow in the back yard receding by the minute.

Happy spring, everybody. Be healthy.


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