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Summer, I’ve Been Waiting for You

Over Memorial Day weekend, the temperature hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit here in the Twin Cities. I guess we can put our snow shovels away for a few weeks. Mind you, ours is stored right next to the lawn mower.

That is life in Minnesota. We have variety. We have temperature swings, blizzards and tropical heat within weeks of each other. It’s an exciting place to live if your wardrobe can take it, if your car battery is strong, and your running shoes are built for all terrains.

I am basking in this current heat wave. Summer, I’ve missed you with your humidity and thunderstorms and mornings that feel like heaven. Live with the windows shut? Not me. As I write this, the windows in my house are open wide, there’s a breeze, and I’m considering not running the air conditioning since I’m the only one home today except for the dog. And she’s out on the deck, right smack in the hot sun, baking her wiener dog self into a crisp.

Here are some summer poems, just because. Enjoy. Open those windows.

Vacation by Rita Dove

Summer Song by William Carlos Williams

Jet by Tony Hoagland

Back Yard by Carl Sandburg

summer stroll with stick

Images courtesy of Pixabay.com

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