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Summertime and Living Should be Easy

I’ve just returned from two weeks on the road with my husband, visiting three national parks, seven states, mountains, forests, and ocean. We were unplugged from nearly everything – no social media, almost no television or radio, no email. In several places, we had no cell service. Did we miss it? Nope. It was a wonderfully rejuvenating two weeks. People were kind, beds were comfortable, local food and drink was tasty. We saw stars shine far away from city lights.

Summer has popped around our house, the garden is bursting, things are lush and green and warm. We both loved coming home to this small Eden of ours as much as we loved traveling. We arrived about 10 p.m. last night.

And then we turned on the news. Like many others, our hearts were broken by what we learned. Orlando, you need all the kindness and love there is to share.

I’d love to turn around and go back to one of the parks we just visited, stay off social media and away from television for the rest of the summer. I’d love to just walk away from all this violence and arguing and stubborn insistence that some groups of people are wrong about how they live their lives. But that isn’t what an engaged citizen does once vacation is over.

Reluctantly, I am back at my computer. What I can do, and will do, on this blog for the summer is share some of the images I captured that made our vacation a soothing and renewing time. It’ll take awhile to go through the hundreds of photos I shot, but I am going to take my time.

So should you. Come back each week this summer to find images that focus on something other than the heartbreaking, bloody things that are going on in our world. Come back to remember what it is to look beyond your own house, your own desk, your own community. There is so much beauty out there and we do not have forever to get to it.


Road trips for everyone!

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