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Thanksgiving Wishes from Minnesota

This week in the United States, many families and friends will gather for Thanksgiving celebrations. At our house, as of today, my husband and I and our two dogs expect 13 people, one chocolate labrador retriever, and one labrador-pit bull mix to join us. We’ve purchased a large turkey, several pounds of potatoes, cranberries, stuffing mix. Friends are bringing pie. My son and his wife are bringing appetizers. I’ll make my annual batch of fudge. And we are so, so grateful that we can do this: cook a meal to share with a good number of the people (and dogs) we love.

So, the focus right now, this minute, is on this. Being thankful. Understanding that we have enough, that we are lucky.

My wish for all is that you find a way to feel lucky, too. Find something that you are thankful for. And share it.

It’s the sharing that’s the important part.


Happy Thanksgiving from One Minnesota Writer

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