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The Angel Card Experiment: The End

I just returned from dinner with a friend. We talked about the work we each do, which ranges from volunteer coordination to board memberships to editing to writing. And I was mid-sentence about writing when I realized I had forgotten to write today’s blog post.

As I slapped my forehead, it became clear that if the Angel Card Experiment was working well, I wouldn’t have forgotten about it. Yes, I am doing several things at once this week. Yes, I help edit two different journals and am working on a poetry submission. Yes, I have dogs that need to go to the vet, family members who get much of my time, friends with whom I really want to have a drink, and a partner who is patient beyond belief. But if a project slips completely out of my head, then it lacks the excitement and magnetism of a truly good idea.

So, I’m not drawing a card today. I’m going back to brainstorm mode for what this blog needs next. Will that be flash fiction? More photography? Essays that look at modern life? Something else?

Not sure. But Tuesday posts will be something different in the weeks to come. Artists and writers have to keep it moving, keep looking at the world and crafting responses to it that bring people together in a conversation or a community.

Remember that blank card I drew last week? I guess that was an omen.

In the meantime, my digital poetry adventure with Constance Brewer, Gyroscope Review, will have its first issue available in April. We are really pleased with the amount and quality of pieces we accepted and hope that you’ll give us a look when the inaugural issue goes live. Come find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. We’ll begin reading for our next issue on April 15.

And the second issue of Fine Linen, the print flash fiction journal for which I collaborate with Dave Morehouse, will also be coming out in April. Like its predecessor, this issue will be a surprise package. Want to know more? Sorry, my lips are sealed. But you can find us on Facebook and Twitter, too. We are now reading for our summer issue. Oh, and one more thing. The Fine Linen website publishes reviews of other journals and books of flash fiction. The latest review is available here.

And that’s all for now, folks.

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