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The Angel Card Experiment: Today’s Card is Blank



I did not realize that there was a blank card in my Angel Card deck until this morning. This is a great card.

A blank card. The blank page. A clean slate. A fresh start. All of these phrases point to the same thing: opportunity. On this St. Patrick’s Day, I am reminded of my own great-grandparents who came from Ireland, perhaps because of the nineteenth-century potato famine, certainly because of opportunity. My family history is unclear because of a tendency to let the past stay the past,  but the strength to lean into opportunity, to make something of oneself, to work through tough times and get to better ones, is a trait that runs through us. It’s one I’m proud of.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. How would you turn a blank page into an opportunity?

Photo courtesy of imgion.com

Photo courtesy of imgion.com

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