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Time Management Issues? Take a Peek at 32 Poems

Today I was checking out the blog over at 32 Poems and stumbled on a post about time management.

Before you click on your mouse or track pad because reading someone else’s blog might be questionable time managment, let me tell you why you should keep reading.

32 Poems is organizing those of us who write and cook (not at the same time – let’s not set our kitchens or our work on fire due to extreme multitasking) to post our favorite 20-30 minute recipes on our blogs/websites on May 20. If interested, go to the 32 Poems blog post, Recipes for Poets,  add your name and url, and indicate that you want to participate. Further directions are on the blog post.

We all have to eat to keep working, right? And we have to work to eat. So check it out yourself.

On a different note, the Every Day Poets How to Handle Explosives Week competition will close on Sunday, May 1. If you still haven’t submitted an entry, then time management is clearly something you might want to think about! Go here for more information.

Finally, if you have been having a great time creating poems during National Poetry Month, you might be interested in perusing the #poettues Tweets on Twitter every Tuesday. All kinds of poets join in the conversation and share information. It’s a nice way to feel like you’re not laboring over your verse in a vacuum.

Now, what will you do to wrap up National Poetry Month? Leave a comment!

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