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The elections yesterday utterly distracted me from any serious writing. But, upon waking to the sound of a newscast on public radio this morning, I thought that escaping into my work today was probably the best thing for me. Read into that what you will. I think the folks over at NANOWRIMO made a smart decision when they chose November as the month to immerse us in a month of writing abandon. Elections, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, holiday shopping season…..all occasions that bring up strong emotions that cause some of us to just want to go back to bed. Why not escape into a fictitious world of our own creation?

Today is the third day of NANOWRIMO. I’m already behind by my own calculations, so today is catch-up day. Did you know bumping off people in a piece of fiction is quite cathartic? Perfect for post-election blues.

But, of course, ignoring everything is only a temporary bit of relief. There’s still plenty to be done, so see below….


I think about feeding people a lot. I can’t stand to see anyone hungry. With November being partly defined by Thanksgiving, it seems like a good time to focus on organizations that help feed everybody. Today, I spent time learning about The Full Belly Project. Their website states their mission as this:

     “The Full Belly Project designs and distributes income-generating

agricultural devices to improve life in rural communities.”

Right now, The Fully Belly Project is in the running for an award from the BBC World Challenge, which is a competition to reward grassroots projects from around the world that improve people’s lives. An easy kind thing you can do right now is take a look at this video, http://www.youtube.com/user/OnePlanetPictures#p/u/5/6aLEfNFEbuQ, which explains one of The Full Belly Project’s efforts in Malawi, and cast your vote for The Full Belly Project at http://www.theworldchallenge.co.uk/. Don’t wait. Voting ends November 12.

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