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There’s going to be a new baby in our family. My son and daughter-in-law are expecting their daughter to make her grand entrance any moment. And life will change for all of us.

It’s been a long time since any of us were around a baby on a daily basis. This little tiny person has been anticipated for months, has been planned for and talked about and imagined in all kinds of ways. She has all kinds of people waiting around with open arms and laps and hugs and kisses.

Here’s hoping she likes us.

That’s the first thing that makes it hard to stay at the computer these days.

Spring has been hesitant to make a commitment around here. Minnesota is unpredictable anyway; this year, we’re all pretty weary of emerging to cold blasts in our faces when we head outside in the morning. But today there is blue sky and a freaky little rabbit stretched out in the sunshine beneath one of our shrubs in the back yard, rolled around, and then just hung out in the dirt like some surfer on the sand at Venice Beach, which made me laugh. Can a rabbit be a slacker?

I opened the window a little while ago. I can hear neighborhood dogs bark every once in a while and an army of birds are chattering amongst themselves. Our own mini dachshund is perched atop the chair closest to the window. Like the aforementioned rabbit, she is stretched out in the sun, eyes half open.

This is the second thing that makes it hard to stay at the computer.

We had a contractor here last night to talk to us about our roof. We’re getting a new one and it’s going to be steel. We had to go look at some in our area that our contractor had installed, so that’s how I spent my lunch hour – driving myself and my partner around to look at roofs. It was a nice day for this kind of thing, so neither of us minded.

Now, I have images of roofs bouncing around in my head. And there’s the third thing that makes it hard to stay at the computer.

None of this takes into account all the affairs of the world that swirl around us, clamoring for our attention as well they should.

What I am doing today is simply waiting. While I wait, I want to share a poem from one of my favorite poets – Lawrence Ferlinghetti. It is, naturally, called, “I am Waiting“. Enjoy it here.

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