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Want Some Fun Summer Reading?

My friend and colleague, Oonah Joslin, recently shared this with me:

Twisted Tales 2016 cover

Twisted Tales 2016, published by Australian indie publisher Raging Aardvark Publishing, is a flash fiction anthology that will infuse your summer with oddball glee. The authors, who hail from Australia, Britain, North America, and elsewhere, are winners of a competition in support of International Flash Fiction Day. This collection is Raging Aardvark’s fifth in the Twisted Tales series. Raging Aardvark is big fan of short stories, as they say on their website:

Champion of the short story and its derivatives, Raging Aardvark Publishing aims to provide a space for emerging writers to demonstrate their talents to a wider community. Totally passionate about the short story form and ways to support the creative process it’s our goal to foster positive growth within the international writers community for these authors.

And, for this new publication, just what is meant by twisted? Swift tales of people who may or may not be unhinged, wicked storms that may or may not unleash spirits in need of innocents, crowds gone mad, jack-o-lanterns of a different sort, alien fiancés, and more. And that’s just in the first half-dozen stories. These are stories that leave you wondering, will make you laugh, will make you think.

Most of all, they’ll make you want to read more.

Have I finished this collection? Nope. I’m saving some for my own summer fun.

Thanks for the share, Oonah! And congrats on on the inclusion of your work, What Comes Round Goes Round.

The above image links to a pdf from the publisher for your reading pleasure. If you would like to purchase a copy of Twisted Tales 2016, click here

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