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What Haunts You?

What are the ghosts that follow you into your art? 

I’m sitting here listening to Rancid’s “Let the Dominoes Fall

Tim Armstrong

There are the usual things: people who have died, especially my father; sisters who no longer communicate because we disagree on our respective roles with each other and the world; partners who didn’t work out; a religion left behind. Perhaps, more importantly, are the ghosts that I work to keep out of my writing, the events that get shoved into the darkest recesses so they can’t damage anyone. Their shadows probably still show up in the work – I simply can’t see them. Others might.

Today, instead of digging further into this, I invite you to explore your ghosts and see what they push you to create. And ponder which ghosts you choose to leave out. Take a leap.


In keeping with the idea of ghosts that follow us into our art, take a look at the site for the Combat Paper Project. Veterans who get involved in the project attend workshops where they learn how to turn their old uniforms into paper and, from there, create art projects that allow them to make sense of and share their experiences. Check it out at http://www.combatpaper.org/about.html. They accept donations to help keep things going.

Search Amazon.com for support for veterans

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