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When You Have Friends Who Blog…..

In the interest of shaking up my blog posting schedule, here’s a fun little exercise thanks to my friend, Oonah, who blogs at Parallel Oonahverse. She got these questions from another blogger, Amos Greig, at A New Ulster. Yes, when you have friends who blog, sometimes the posts you put up are all their fault.

Feel free to swipe these questions for your own fun.

1. If you could be any type of animal, what would you be and why?

Hoo, boy, it’s easier to think of what I would NOT want to be, like a gnat that eventually gets violently swatted by someone who thinks it’s the biggest pest in the world. Or a gorilla that lives in a zoo and gets to watch faces too similar to its own stare back at it. Or a wasp that sends people into a panic until they find a way to kill it.

Maybe a seagull, who gets to soar far overhead and gets to hang out near the surf all day long. That could work.

2. Is there anything you collect? If so, what?

Cookbooks, rocks, earrings, photos, pens that write without skipping.

Does dust count?

3. What is the overall goal of your blog?

An ongoing exploration of the creative life.

4. How do you feel in big crowds of people?

Depends on the crowd. If it’s at the Minnesota State Fair, I love it. If it’s at a science conference, I feel like a total fraud (my husband is a scientist). If it’s at a punk rock concert, I keep looking around to see if I’m the oldest one there.

5. Mobile phones (cell phones) – what’s your opinion of them?

Necessary and fun tool in my life. I try to be polite about its use so someone doesn’t shove it in an orifice that isn’t quite the right shape.

6. If you could decorate your home in any style, what would that be?

Huh. Why is that important?

Okay. Well. Clean lines, soothing colors, edgy artwork, tons of books. What do you call that?

7. Do you believe in extraterrestrials?

Seriously? Sure. We’d be silly to think our planet is the only one with life forms.

8. If you could meet any mythological creature, what would it be and why?

All the creatures Hagrid took care of in the Harry Potter stories except the big spider. Yeah, I know, that’s more than one creature and it’s not exactly classical mythology.

9. Would you rather stay busy or have a lot of free time? Why?

Right now, I’d rather have a lot of free time because 2013 has been crazy busy and I’m getting a little tired.

10. If you would have a chance to travel to the moon, would you do it?

Given my fear of heights, maybe not.

11. What music album are you still frequently listening to now that you also listened to years ago?

How many years are we talking about? Because I’ve listened to Rancid’s “Let the Dominoes Fall” for about three years straight. On CD and my iPod. No one has albums anymore, except a few people with a vinyl fetish. I go through phases where I listen to a lot of Pink Floyd, Doors, and Led Zeppelin. I love late 60s/early 70s rock.

And that ends this People Magazine-esque version of One Minnesota Writer. Back to you, Oonah.

Oh, and Happy May Day!

UPDATE! Go check out Constance Brewer’s answers at her blog, Life on the Periphery. See, the fun just goes on and on.

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