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Wishing Wind Really Did Blow in Change

It's still hot and humid here in Minnesota, and I'm still writing words on a table on my deck while a breeze makes the wind chime sing. This week, I'm having a lot of trouble finding words to put down that mean enough, or even that mean anything at all.

Since my last post, the police have shot more people, Jacob Blake being the one who is front and center in the current news cycle. Another Black man shot by police and in front of his children no less. This one survived, but he's paralyzed. That this kind of police violence happens time and time and time again, that this continues to happen in a country that some at this week's RNC say isn't racist (Really? Nikki Haley, you are a liar), that no matter how much some of us protest and contribute and show up to vote but nothing really changes - this has all dammed up every ounce of creative thought I might have had. My daughter believes that everything about our American system should be torn up and remodeled. As frightening as that sounds, I can't say she's wrong. She's not.

But how do we do just that? How do we get adults who were taught the Golden Rule, only to chuck it once they had to compete for resources, to step back and see that all of us working together on an equal footing is exactly how it should be? All of us with opportunities and health care and safe homes? All of us able to raise our children, educate them, be able to say they can be anything and mean it?

I don't know. Every time there's some modicum of progress (like making insurers cover pre-existing conditions or making sure people can afford insurance at all), the next administration wipes it out in the name of economic competition, good business. Every time people show some compassion, it dissipates by the time the week is over because there are bills to pay, food and medicine to acquire, work shifts that go on and on. Every time a new idea comes up to address justice for all, it's pushed back on until it falls over the cliff of insurmountable fear. Don't want to shake up our retirement funds, now do we? Let's just be quiet till it all blows over.

People, we need change. We need that storm I wrote about last week. We need it right goddamn now before another person loses their life or their livelihood to the brutality that is the American Way. It's not going to just blow over. We need an updated interpretation of our Constitution that fits this time, this diverse population, this period of scientific knowledge and technology that could make life so amazing if we would just get out of our own way.

Treat others as you wish to be treated. That's what we all learned in kindergarten. It's time to take that seriously, put it into action, create a world where people feel valued and loved and safe.

#windsofchange #fightforjustice #fightforequality

Images by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.com

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