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Writing Amidst Construction, Kindness Links, and a New Writers’ Publication

Our home life is completely discombobulated – a cool-sounding word that just doesn’t get used enough but isn’t all that pleasant when it’s applied personally. Here’s what the construction zone looks like:

We gutted our kitchen, removed the top half of a wall that will become a counter with cupboards on one side, and discovered just how invasive drywall dust really is. We’ve evacuated the main level of our house in favor of a calmer, cleaner space below.

One of my happy discoveries is that I found a new writing spot. We moved our old kitchen table next to a basement window that looks out on our back yard. I can see white pines, a spruce, the neighbor’s apple tree, and numerous birds and squirrels while I write on my laptop at that old table. The change of scenery is doing me some good. The simple act of looking out a different window is enough to wake up my subconscious and propel new images through my fingertips to the computer screen. And, when I’m stuck, I walk out the back door and wander around our not-yet-fully-awake gardens. 

That there is another human being in the house when I’m writing is another boon to my work. I can’t slack off and watch television if there is someone else doing hard work around here. There are appearances to keep up, after all. I expected to feel distracted and interrupted, but found the opposite. I just finished an article that is accepted for the first issue of a new writer’s magazine (see announcement below), found new inspiration for a how-to article on living through a kitchen remodel, and have kept up on my daily poetry journal. I even found some inspiration for a feature that I hope will be a consistent one on this blog: Kindness Links (see below). James, our drywall/cupboard/floor/tile installer, works straight through every day until it’s time to go home somewhere between three and four o’clock. His work ethic is contagious. 

Which leads me to thoughts about how working alone as a writer has its drawbacks. I love the option of working in my sweats, but the unspoken nudge that other hardworking people emit is not to be understated. After this construction is all done, I may have to seek out other places to write more often, places where there are others hard at work, where I can soak up that “time to do something” aura and use it to its best advantage.

But I won’t give up my home office just yet.


Starting today, my blog will feature a link to a website that demonstrates some form of kindness, with a focus on the ones that involve contributions from writers/artists. The more we know, the better we become….right? That’s the hope, anyway.

Please visit the website for Pongo Publishing Teen Writing Project, a nonprofit founded in 1992 by Richard Gold, and find out how poetry makes a difference in the lives of at-risk teens in the Seattle area. The kids’ work is featured on the website. 


The Writer’s Haven Magazette will be up and running on May 1, 2010. Editor and publisher Marcella Simmons hopes to provide encouragement, writing tips, and market information to writers of all types both online and with a print version of this new publication. Their website is working, but more features will be added daily as it is still under construction. Check it out at http://www.writershavenmagazette.com/. I will have an article on poetry submissions in the first issue.

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Search Amazon.com for teaching poetry to teens

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